Business Domains of the QUICK Group

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The QUICK Group’s operations consist of five business categories: Human Resources Services, Recruiting, Information Publishing, Internet-Related and Overseas Businesses. All businesses are focused on management philosophy of making everyone involved happy.
In all five business domains, we aim to increase our corporate value as a comprehensive source of human resources services in Japan and overseas. We will create value by contributing to society through the human resources and information businesses. Our goal is the QUICK Group vision of “using strengths as Nihon no Jinjibu (Human Resources Department of Japan) to become Sekai no Jinjibu (Human Resources Department of the world).”

  • Comprehensive Human Resources Services
    • Human Resources Services Business

      Personnel Placement

    • Human Resources Services Business

      Temporary staffing,
      temporary-to-permanent staffing, business contracting, nursery school operations and consulting for nursery school opening and operation

    • Recruiting Business

      Advertising agency
      for recruiting advertisements

    • Overseas Business

      Personnel placement
      and temporary staffing overseas

  • Information Services
    • Local Information Service Business

      Publishing regional information magazines

    • HR Platform Business

      Operation of a website for human resources professionals and companies