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Colorful Company, Inc.

In the Information Publishing Business, we publishes and posts regional information magazines and conducts concierge (face-to-face consultation) services.
We distribute lifestyle information magazines, the Kanazawa Joho, Toyama Joho and Niigata Joho publications to houses at no charge. Each contains store, job, housing and other advertisements along with information about these respective regions of Japan. There are many specialized publications as well. Examples include Iezukuri Navi, a housing information publication, and Kekkon SANKA, a wedding information publication. Both are specifically for the Hokuriku region of Japan.
In the posting business, we distribute flyers and other promotional materials of client companies. For this service, we use our lifestyle information magazine delivery network in Ishikawa, Toyama and Niigata prefectures.

Other main services (posting and concierge services)

The posting service involves the delivery of various materials in Ishikawa, Toyama and Niigata prefectures for client companies. We distribute advertisements, product samples and other items. We also perform surveys, prepare materials for distribution and provide other services to support the marketing activities of our clients.
The concierge (face-to-face consultation) service uses the Cococolor brand for free consultations provided by experts in the fields of homebuilding, changing jobs and weddings in the Ishikawa area.