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Human Resources
Services Business
(Personnel Placement)


QUICK CO.,LTD./ WORK PROJECT, Inc./ Quick Care Jobs Co.,Ltd./
Career System CO., LTD.

We operate a fee-based employment placement business as prescribed in the Employment Security Act.
We use a “human resources bank” consisting of people who have registered to find a new job in order to match the skills of job seekers with the needs of companies that have openings.
We use our human resources bank registration website, Internet advertising and many other activities to make people aware of our service for people who want to switch to a new job.
To provide accurate information about companies looking for employees, our consultants confirm the career paths, required skills and other information of people seeking a different job. Consultants also ask about the general type of people a company wants. The result is the best possible matching of applicants and companies.
In the Human Resources Services Business (personnel placement), WORK PROJECT, Inc. Quick Care Jobs Co.,Ltd.. and Career System CO., LTD. are consolidated subsidiaries.

Personnel Placement Flowchart

Major QUICK Group Websites

The QUICK Group operates a number of job-hunting websites with emphasis on openings for people in highly specialized fields. Examples include nursing and other fields of health care, construction and industrial plants, and automobiles. Services targeting carefully selected market sectors set our websites apart from those of competitors.