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QUICK CO., LTD. / Jump Co., Ltd.

Recruiting services and personnel and labor consulting are the main activities of the Recruiting Business. We supply comprehensive solutions for each client company’s recruiting and personnel requirements. QUICK Group creates plans for recruiting advertisements, assist with the recruiting process and even help train newly hired employees.
Recruiting advertisements are our primary service. We provide clients with information about websites, magazines and other channels used to seek job applicants. We also serve as an agent for the placement of ads with companies operating these websites and other recruiting channels.
The QUICK Group has a large lineup of employment media. We have media for new college graduates, people thinking of changing to another job, people looking for temporary staffing or part-time jobs, and other categories of job seekers. All precisely match the needs of client companies looking for the right types of people.
To assist clients, we produce recruiting publications and provide suitability examinations of applicants other recruiting supporting tools. We can also perform some recruiting activities for companies that want to outsource these tasks. In addition, we help solve clients’ personnel issues by offering education services, such as training for new employees and training for people at specific levels of a company’s organization.

Major media

We support clients’ recruiting activities with Rikunabi, Rikunabi NEXT, TOWN WORK and other publications distributed nationwide that target new graduates, mid-career professionals and other categories of people looking for jobs.

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Support from Advertising to Training

Recruiting support

Research and analysis

Evaluation of prior year recruiting and determination of recruiting policies and goals

Proposal for recruiting plan

Selection of targets

Recruit advertisement ad agencies, information meetings

Recruiting activities

Production of pamphlets, websites and other recruiting tools


Suitability examinations and other recruiting tasks for client companies

Support after hiring

Newly hired employees

Training programs and other activities to develop skills