Business Domains of the QUICK Group

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Overseas Business


QUICK USA, Inc. / Shanghai Quick CO., LTD. / Shanghai Quick Human Resources CO.,LTD. /Centre People Appointments Ltd/QUICK VIETNAM CO.,LTD./ QHR Holdings Co.,Ltd./ QHR Recruitment Co.,Ltd./ QUICK CO.,LTD./ QUICK GLOBAL MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V/ Centre People Appointments B.V.

In the United States, QUICK USA, Inc. provides personnel placement, temporary staffing and personnel and labor consulting services to local Japanese companies. In China, Shanghai Quick CO., LTD. serves clients with personnel and labor consulting, advisory and other services. In Vietnam, QUICK VIETNAM CO., LTD. has a personnel placement and personnel management consulting business. In Mexico, QUICK Global Mexico, S.A. de C.V. provides a personnel placement and personnel and labor consulting services. In United Kingdom,Cetre People Appointments Ltd provides personnel placement and temporary staffing services. In Thailand, QHR Recruitment Co., Ltd. provides a personnel placement and personnel and labor consulting services. In Netherlands, Centre People Appointments B.V. provides a personnel placement.
Overseeing the operations of these overseas subsidiaries and providing sales support are two main roles of QUICK CO.,LTD.
In the Overseas Business, QUICK USA, Inc., Shanghai Quick CO., LTD., Shanghai Quick Human Resources CO.,LTD., QUICK GLOBAL MEXICO, S.A.DE C.V., Centre People Appointments Ltd, QUICK VIETNAM CO., LTD., QHR Holdings Co.,Ltd., QHR Recruitment Co.,Ltd. and Centre People Appointments B.V. are consolidated subsidiaries.

Overseas Operations of the QUICK Group

The QUICK Group started operating outside Japan in 1999 by establishing a base in the United States. We then began operating in China in 2003, Vietnam in 2012, Mexico in 2015, United Kingdom in 2017, Thailand in 2020, and Netherlands in 2023. Today, we have 14 overseas bases. We plan to continue growing outside Japan to accomplish the QUICK Group’s vision of becoming Sekai no Jinjibu (Human Resources Department of the world).

*Sekai no Jinjibu is a registered trademark of QUICK that is used for the Group’s global services.