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IT and Internet-Related


HR Vision Co.,Ltd.

HR Vision Co.,Ltd.

The main activity of HR Vision is the Nihon no Jinjibu website, which helps companies solve personnel issues. This website is a platform for promotional activities for companies that provide human resources solutions.
Nihon no Jinjibu is Japan’s largest human resources network linking human resources departments in Japan. Functioning as a knowledge community, this website encompasses corporate training, recruiting, employee evaluations and development, labor issues, and employee benefits.
Nihon no Jinjibu has information about companies that perform corporate training and consulting activities involving human resources. Information is structured for accurately matching these companies with the specific issues and other requirements of client companies.

The online provision of services is just one element of the Internet-Related Business. Another activity is 8-day HR Conferences held every spring and autumn, Japan’s largest event of this type, these conferences are a place where company executives and human resources managers can learn and share information. These events also play an important role in the marketing activities of human resources solution companies.

Reinforcing the Nihon no Jinjibu Brand

Nihon no Jinjibu is Japan’s largest human resources network with the participation of about 240,000 full-time human resources professionals. Website information is only one part of this network. This brand also covers events, awards, publication and other activities. Creating opportunities for human resources professionals to receive and share a variety of information as well as exchange personnel is the objective. This process helps invigorate people, organizations and management at companies involved.