Medium-term Management Plan

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Objective, Business Environment (Forecast) and Basic Policies in the 42st Fiscal year (ending March 31, 2022)


Overcoming COVID-19 and achieving growth.

Business Environment (Forecast)

  • The future of the economies of Japan and other countries are extremely unclear, as the creation of reliable forecasts is difficult with the end of the COVID-19 pandemic unknown.
  • Future directions will likely be uncertain because there is no certain prospect of containment of the spread of the COVID-19 infection, despite signs of a gradual recovery in the labor market.
    Against the backdrop of the structural shortage of workers due to factors such as the aging population, the falling birthrate and a fall in the size of the labor force, the mindset of companies toward recruitment will recover in the medium to long term.
  • While competition with competitors will intensify, selection in the human resources services industry will make progress according to the business strengths of companies.

Amid this situation, we are committed to contributing to society as a comprehensive human resources services company, by working to differentiate ourselves from competitors and expanding our business through the enhancement of cooperation within the Quick Group, the development of new markets, human resource cultivation, and other means.

Basic Policies

Steady development toward a 100-billion-yen company

  • Promotion of business collaboration within the Quick Group
  • Continuing investment to develop new business
  • Promotion of M and A activities

Initiatives for becoming the Sekai no Jinjibu (Human Resources Department for the world)

  • Promotion of Cross-Border Recruitment, an international career change support service in anticipation of the international mobilization of human resources

Human resources cultivation and reform of personnel systems in the age of the new normal

  • The development of an employee-friendly environment through recommendations for work style reforms and teleworking
  • Cross-business career advancement support and the construction of a system for cultivating human resources

QUICK Group Medium-Term Plan

To respond to changes in the business environment and revisions to the business plan, the QUICK Group performs rolling reviews of its medium-term plan (three-year plan) every fiscal year to formulate new medium-term plans.
In the current fiscal year, however, we have decided to hold off from determining the medium-term plan at this moment, as it is difficult to create forecasts without a clear understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on the Group’s business activities.
We will disclose the medium-term plan as soon as developments in the COVID-19 pandemic situation make a rational assessment of financial results forecasts possible.