Medium-term Management Plan

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Goal, Operating Environment and Strategic Directions for the Fiscal Year ending in March 2020


Take on the challenge of raising sales to 100 billion yen in 2030

Operating Environment (Outlook)

  • A cautious stance is required concerning the outlook for the Japanese economy. Major reasons include Japan’s consumption tax increase scheduled for October 2019 and increasing uncertainty about the overseas economies, chiefly regarding the United States, Europe and China.
  • In response to laws involving work-style reforms, companies in Japan are taking steps to improve productivity and secure the required number of employees. Although Japan’s human resources market will probably continue to be strong, competition among companies for recruiting people will be more intense because there are no expectations for an easing of the country’s labor shortage.
  • Competition with other companies providing services involving human resources will become even more heated.

Strategic Directions

○Strategic objectives for 10 years from now

  • Separate management and business operation functions in order to make both businesses and the group’s organization stronger
  • Continue making investments for the expansion of current businesses and the launch and growth of new businesses
  • Increase activities involving mergers and acquisitions

○Growth of Cross Border Recruitment services

  • These services help offset recruiting difficulties caused by Japan’s declining working age population caused by an aging population and declining number of children
  • Take actions, including the establishment of more overseas offices, for the creation of an international market for changing jobs in order to increase the mobility of workers on a global scale

○Activities to develop employees’ skills and help them achieve their career goals

  • Build a stronger organization and enact personnel system reforms to make it easier for people to do their jobs
  • Career advancement support encompassing all group business operations, an employee training program framework, and the expansion and strengthening of recruiting activities

The QUICK Group’s Medium-term Plan

QUICK reexamines and revises its medium-term plan every year to reflect changes in operating environment and goals for business activities. As a result, the plan announced on May 8, 2018 has been replaced with a three-year plan that ends in March 2022.
The central theme of the new medium-term management plan for the QUICK Group is to “Take on the challenge of raising sales to 100 billion yen in 2030.” Group companies will use many initiatives to accomplish the goals of the plan.
The new medium-term management plan includes the goal of raising sales and earnings to new records in each of the plan’s three years.

announced on May 9, 2019