Medium-term Management Plan

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Basic Policies, Business Environment (Forecast) and Measures in the 44th Fiscal year (ending March 31, 2024)

Basic Policies

Creating the future toward a 100-billion-yen company

Business Environment (Forecast)

  • With COVID-19 being downgraded to a Class 5 infectious disease in Japan, economic and consumption activities will continue to gain momentum.
  • In view of the rising prices of resources and raw materials and the financial uncertainty amid the prolongation of the circumstances in Ukraine, it is necessary to take a cautious stance regarding the outlook for the Japanese economy.
  • There is a structural labor shortage due to the aging of the population, falling birth rate and shrinking working population. Regulations related to COVID-19 were eased. Corporate recruiting needs and labor mobility will be higher in many different areas.

Amid this situation, we are committed to contributing to society as a comprehensive human resources services company by working to differentiate ourselves from competitors and expanding our business through the following measures.


  • Accelerate open innovation
  • Initiatives for becoming “Sekai no Jinjibu® (Human Resources Department for the world)”
  • Strengthening of recruitment and training of human resources
  • Promote young personnel
  • Foster corporate dignity

Initiatives of each business

Human Resources Services Business

  • Expand business domains and service areas to increase market share in existing domains and to cultivate new markets
  • Increase sales promotion and upgrade our websites to increase registrants Recruiting Business

Recruiting Business

  • As a client agent that helps clients succeed in their recruiting activities, develop a population of registrants and formulate a recruiting strategy not using recruiting media
  • Enhance consulting services regarding the development of explanations for job applications and corporate branding
  • Increase sales activities for companies recruiting a large number of personnel to increase productivity

Information Publishing Business

  • Expand the areas covered by the Colocolor consulting services to strengthen sales (mainly in the domains of personnel placement and housing manufacturer brokerage)
  • Linkage between paper media and online media

HR Platform Business

  • By improving the content and usability of services related to the Nihon no Jinjibu website, involve clients companies and users in services and increase the utility value

Overseas Business

  • In Europe and in the United States, actively open bases and strengthen personnel recruitment and development for growing business performance
  • In Asia, fully restart the personnel placement service to capture post-pandemic recruiting needs
  • Focus on the Cross Border Recruitment® international career change support service

QUICK Group Medium-Term Plan

The QUICK Group has recently adopted a new medium-term plan for the 44th fiscal year (ending March 31, 2024) through the 46th fiscal year (ending March 31, 2026).
In the medium-term plan, we plan to achieve a record high in net sales and profit at each level every fiscal year.

announced on May 9, 2023