Medium-term Management Plan

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Goal, Operating Environment and Strategic Directions for the Fiscal Year ending in March 2018


Take on the challenge for innovation to build
a foundation for growth in the future

Operating Environment (Outlook)

  • The world is at a major turning point because of policies of the Trump administration, Brexit and other events.
  • Japan’s job market will remain strong, but companies will compete even more to recruit people as the population ages and the number of children falls.
  • Competition with other companies providing services involving human resources will become even more heated.

Strategic Directions

○Build a business model that can adapt to changes in operating environment.

  • In the personnel placement and recruiting advertisement sectors, create new business models with substantial added value.

○Aim for growth of the global human resources business and the expansion of Overseas Business.

  • Establish and upgrade an overseas business network and information sharing framework to facilitate the global job circulation of QUICK Group employees as overseas operations of Japanese companies grow and Japan’s population ages and declines.

○Improve and redefine how people do their jobs in order to raise productivity and become more competitive.

○Increase activities to develop employees’ skills and help them achieve their career goals.

The QUICK Group’s Medium-term Plan

QUICK reexamines and revises its medium-term plan every year to reflect changes in operating environment and goals for business activities. As a result, the plan announced on May 10, 2016 has been replaced with a three-year plan that ends in March 2020.
The central theme of the new medium-term management plan for the QUICK Group is to “take on the challenge of advancing from change to innovation to build a foundation for growth in the future.” Group companies will use many initiatives to accomplish the goals of the plan.
The new medium-term management plan includes the goal of raising sales and earnings to new records in each of the plan’s three years.

announced on May 9, 2017