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Investor relations information on the QUICK website is provided for the purposes of supplying financial, management and other information about QUICK. QUICK does not guarantee or assure in any way that this information is accurate or complete.

Information on the QUICK website may include statements about outlooks, strategies and other forward-looking information at the time the information was announced. This information incorporates assumptions. Consequently, actual performance may differ from these forward-looking statements for a number of reasons. Website users should not rely solely on these statements when determining forecasts for QUICK’s performance and other aspects of operations.

Information on the QUICK website may not include all of the information that was disclosed to a securities exchange or other entity. Furthermore, website information may use expressions that differ from those used in an official information disclosure. Website users should also be aware that QUICK may suspend or terminate its website or alter or delete website contents without prior notice.

Please note that although QUICK has made careful efforts to ensure the accuracy of the content of this website, QUICK bears no liability of any kind for damages including, but not limited to, erroneous data, the alteration of data by third parties or damages resulting from the download of data from this website.

In addition, information on this website is not intended to solicit investments in QUICK. Website users are asked to refrain from making investment decisions based solely upon the information appearing on this website. Such decisions should be made based on your own judgment.