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HR Platform Business


HR Vision Co.,Ltd.

HR Vision Co.,Ltd.

The main activity of HR Vision is the Nihon no Jinjibu website. This website is a platform for promotional activities for companies that provide HR solutions.

Nihon no Jinjibu is a knowledge community that solves problems of people and organizations such as employment, evaluation, training, labor, welfare, and systems.

It is an HR network where personnel, managers, and professionals across the country connect, share, learn from each other, and grow beyond organizational boundaries.

Using Nihon no Jinjibu as an information platform, we are revitalizing Japan's HR by creating and providing various services such as holding events, research and publication, and providing specialized information and learning opportunities.

Information platform in the field of human resources Nihon no Jinjibu

Nihon no Jinjibu is not only a portal site for information dissemination, but also an information platform in the field of human resources. By providing it, we are revitalizing Japan's personnel affairs.